Cost of War

Originally posted at on September 18, 2011, adjusted for today’s numbers

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How much does our gasoline really cost?

$1 trillion, 435 billion so far in Iraq and Afghanistan alone. See for up-to-the-second costs. That has been $4,470 per American since 2001.

We are spent roughly $115 billion dollars in 2012 for the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. See

If there are 312 million Americans, (see that’s about $368.58 per American this year. But remember, if your neighbor is out of work, and more than 10% of them are, then you’re footing even more of that tax bill. And don’t forget, a lot of the 312 million are out of work because they’re under aged, still in school, or retired.

What are we doing in Afghanistan and Iraq that is keeping us safer, more defended than if we just kept our troops here? See

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