Jayhawks fan

I found out that Gary Louris and Mark Olson are playing at the Coronet on April 11th. I tried to buy tickets. I haven’t heard from the Coronet yet: they have a funky way of selling tickets. Basically, you leave your sensitive credit card info on a message machine and hope they charge it up right.

I’ll be returning from a week-long trip in Boca Raton to visit my mother-in-law, Gloria, the night before Gary’s concert, so I may be a bit jetlagged while attending the concert. But I promise to stay awake. I hope my husband likes their music and doesn’t want to leave early.  I’d like to talk to the ex-Jayhawks so that I can tell them that I chose a few of their tracks for my screenplay’s soundtrack.

I believe everyone should have their own soundtrack for their life. That way, when you meet someone or want to know someone better, you can find out what’s going on in their life, and more importantly, what kind of music turns them on. And vice versa. I use music to inspire me in my writing; it works like a charm. I wonder if my writing would ever inspire someone to write music?

When I write, the best stuff is always a little embarrassing. That’s why I hardly ever give it out. I write like I’m talking to you or else stream-of-consciousness, like you’re in my mind. That’s why I don’t give it out very often. There’s an energy I have to give away to be writing publicly, like this blog. So I have to assume no one reads it and then I can give it away. I’m nobody. I’m nothing! (I’m laughing!)

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