Volunteers needed for “double digging”

Those of you who are interested in belonging to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, please contact me!

I realized after over a year of growing produce on my plot of land, that most of my lack of productivity relate to two things: the unseasonable weather (hot in the wintertime) and the poor condition of my soil (read: clay). It’s not for lack of trying that my winter crops did poorly.

I’ve decided to start a double digging program, slowly moving through my garden, one section at a time. When I mentioned this to my friend, Sarojni, she suggested that I ask for volunteers. In no time at all, I could have my farm double dug… Or so the dreamer in me wishes.

If anyone out there would like to learn the double digging method, what better way than to spend a couple hours doing it?

So anybody who wanted me to provide them with regular fresh veggies: give me a few hours of your time, and I’ll be able to produce a summer crop to beat even the amazing bounty that was last summer, and then I’ll be able to continue that trend even into winter (barring any unusually long, hot spells). Or I will adjust my crops to the weather, as I did last winter, and continue to grow tomatoes well into winter (I’m still harvesting tomatoes that I planted last September!!!)

I’ve included a picture of a small portion of my “starts” so that you can see what I’m getting ready to put out this summer. I have tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, and pumpkins, just waiting for the “last frost date” to arrive so I can put them out. I’m hardening them off, preparing them to deal with the outdoor winds. Today was an especially windy day, so I gave them a short spell or they would have dried out or desiccated.2009 Summer Starts

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