Petition the White House

Did you know that you can petition the federal government at Visit the list of petitions here: and read what people are urging our federal government to do.

Here are some examples:

Encourage states to use Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) Technologies that can capture and reuse carbon dioxide.

Stop allowing travel to and from the United States by people who have been in areas of Africa affected by Ebola.

Reschedule cannibas to be regulated as alcohol.

Investigate Jehovah’s Witness’ leaders for real estate fraud.

Stop sending our military to fight ebola.

There’s very little censorship of the petitions, as far as I can tell. Some of them make you wonder:

Make BBQ the official “National Dish of America.”

Make Halloween a federal holiday.

Bring back Otis Spunkmeyer cookies to school lunches.

And this one is pretty scary, because they’re serious:

Reverse our nation’s “No Child Left White” policy. (You have to read this one to believe it.)

Very few people actually sign the petitions, and the website requires that at least 100,000 signatures be obtained before the White House issues a response. You may want to read the responses to successful petitions that reached the threshold. They are also listed on the website.

There are only 101 petitions listed at any given time. Start your own petition and see what happens.

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