Do You Know Your GMO?

Did you know that:

Genetically engineered foods (often called Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs) are labeled or banned in 64 other countries, but not in the USA.

GMOs are in 85% of the processed foods in America.

Many GMO crops are genetically engineered to survive the herbicide Roundup.

Crops soak up the chemicals in Roundup, so it can not be washed off.

Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT GMOs) are genetically engineered to produce the bacterium (pesticide) that causes the little green worm (commonly known as the corn ear worm) to die if it eats “BT corn.” Every cell of a BT corn plant produces the bacterium that kills worms. When we eat those cells, they interact with our own gut cells. No one knows exactly how the bacterium genetic code interacts with our intestines. But we now know that genetic codes from bacteria do interact with the genetic codes of humans, even as we digest our food.[i]



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