The Comedy of Louis C.K.

Originally posted at on May 1, 2012

I watch Louis’s show. It’s one of the few things on television that I Tivo. Watching his show is like witnessing a slow-motion train wreck: you can’t look away, even though you know something bad is happening. And I admit it; I laugh. He’s very very funny. I totally “get” him. He’s the only comic who can make sadness funny. That’s the genius of Louis C.K.

What has this got to do with politics? A lot.

As you grow older, you realize that life gets more complicated. Not less. People are always trying to simplify things, or to say things are simple when actually there are all shades of grey. Nothing is black and white.

I spent way too much time yesterday talking to a guy named John Mulkins. He’s brilliant, because he’s devised a very simple way of fixing our government, based on some basic tenets that everyone can agree upon. See his brainchild here. He’s suggesting a General Assembly of Americans that realigns with our forefathers’ original intent and updates a few items for modern society and technological changes.

But I know people. We are having a hard time getting together on anything, aren’t we? We can’t even figure out what went wrong with our government, many of us, because the media tells us what it wants us to hear, and not the truth.

It’s going to take some huge miracle for the masses to realize what is happening here. It’s going to take a miracle because the very people who keep this illusion of a democracy going are the same people we need to help make it change back to a democratic republic. Right now, your country is strong-armed by the media moguls, the banksters, the oil companies, the military industrial complex, and even the medical/pharma industry. And if you think otherwise, then you are the person we need to reach. We need YOU to fix this country, not the wealthy few. They have what they want. Do you?

Back to Louis. Why is this country like a slow motion train wreck? Because we can’t look away, and because life is complex. It can be sad and ridiculous at the same time.

Lucky for us, there are solutions. Let’s see if we can fix the government from the inside, rather than having to resort to a huge General Assembly, the way John Mulkins and Occupy envision things. If we must go that far, then we really will have to throw out our government “representatives.” And I guess that’s not such a bad thing.

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