Patriot Alert!

Originally posted at on May 2, 2012

If you believe in our Constitution and want to take America back…….Spread the Word…….

We the People must go after the “Ballot Box Establishment” which includes the “GOP Establishment” and the “Fox News Establishment”.  What the GOP and Fox News are doing to Ron Paul is WRONG!  It is un-American. It is anti-American!

We the People must take our vote back!  GOPers must take back their vote in Tampa, Florida! Let’s work together and make sure the GOP Establishment hears all of us in Tampa, Florida!

With that being said…….As promised, Charles Klein and I have filed our complaint “We the People v. The Ballot Box Establishment” with the FBI office in the Maitland Center, Maitland, FL.  We filed our complaint on Friday, May 4, 2012 at approximately 2:00 pm.

I have attached a PDF copy of the final complaint that was presented to the FBI, but the complete package given to the FBI included approximately 170 pages of supporting documentation and citizen petitions.  Please let me know if you would like to see the complete package as we presented it to the FBI.

You may be asking….Why did they file this complaint?

Our Answer…… As it stands today, We the People are denied our right to elect the representation of our choice and to equitably seek public office. The actions described in the attached article are more proof that the political parties are illegal monopolies. We the People are also denied honest and ethical participation in our government due to corruption of the public referendum process. Thus, we have filed our complaint with the FBI requesting an investigation of “The Ballot Box Establishment”.  We contend “The Ballot Box Establishment” is made up of the illegal monopolies of the Democrat and Republican political parties AND various governmental officers and agencies that work in collusion with the political parties to manipulate and control the results of our elections (aka the ballot box). We contend “The Ballot Box Establishment” has violated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, the Clayton Act, the Hobbs Act, Florida U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Wagner v. Gary – 1954, etc. Please see attached complaint for additional details.

Bottom line……. Stolen Votes = Stolen Elections = Stolen U.S.A.!

Americans will never take back America if we do not take back our ballot box (aka our vote).  History proves we must protect our ballot box.  See “The Battle of Athens, Tennessee in 1946”  “As Recently As 1946, American Citizens Were Forced To Take Up Arms As A Last Resort Against Corrupt Government Officials”.  and U.S. House Resolution 1941 – “Voter Freedom Act of 2003”  “To enforce the guarantees of the first, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments to the Constitution of the United States by prohibiting certain devices used to deny the right to participate in certain elections.”

Please share this FBI complaint filing with other citizen patriots and let them know they can join Charles Klein and Sally Baptiste to take back our vote and our country. Anyone with Internet access can read the complaint and sign-up on our website We encourage citizen patriots to contact the FBI office in Maitland, FL at 407-875-9976 and show support for our complaint.

You can also tune into American Statesman Blog Talk Radio and join others in the 2012 Battle for America.

Thank you,

Sally Baptiste

No Party Affiliation American Voter

Orlando, FL 32822


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