Football Analogy

Originally posted at on April 12, 2012

Capitalism is good. Capitalism is great. But capitalism without democracy is doomed to failure, because the ultimate of capitalism is monopoly.

Once you hit the jackpot and have all the money and all the power, then all the other players drop out and it’s not fun anymore.

Take football, as an example. What if you gave one team all the advantages: the best players, best coaches, trainers, consultants, the best food and medical care, the most up to date equipment, finest playing fields and stadiums, and all the perks. What’s more, every time a referee calls a foul, the attorneys for this team get together and write up a new rule to make it even harder for the ref to make things fair.

And then you gave all the other teams, well… let’s just say, they’re starving, and their coach barely ekes out a living, has to fill out copious forms to even be in the game, and their practice field is full of potholes and mud.

After about 3 or 4 games where the elite squad pummels the weak squad, how many more games are we spectators going to want to watch?

So finally, the referees say that they want in on the game. And they say to the attorneys, okay, we’ll throw the game, but we want in.

And now you know what our government is. Our government is run by the referees who saw that the game was rigged, and they just gave up and gave in.

It’s up to us spectators to stop the insanity. Instead of just being spectators, we have to kick out these referees and hire new ones. Only this isn’t just a football game, and while our football players might still have some energy left, let’s get them back up and running, why don’t we?


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