Iowa Caucus — Voting Matters

Originally posted at on December 23, 2011

How do votes get counted in Iowa? The same as any state: with great difficulty!

Do you know for certain that your vote is counted properly? One voter in Florida asked the Iowan Jerry Depew, who writes a blog at, “I was just wondering if you were aware that the Iowa GOP has decided to tally the votes in an undisclosed location this year due to an anonymous threat to ’shut down’ the caucus?” The Florida voter then goes on to say that s/he was worried the votes would be more vulnerable to tampering if they were counted in secret. In addition, our Florida voter wrote: “One example from the recent Florida straw poll was when the voting window was suddenly changed without notice and ticket carrying convention attendees were send home without getting to cast a vote.”

Are our votes safe? On the page titled “WRITE IN” on the website, I give numerous examples of how Diebold machines and touch screen machines are subject to hacking and tampering. Is the only safe vote a write-in vote where the ballots are counted out in the open, in front of the public?

Iowa Caucus: Vote Tampering

Iowa Better Count Votes!

Do you ever wonder how your vote is tabulated? If you are feeling like a vigilante, you may want to visit, a 501c(3) non-profit, nonpartisan watchdog group. They explain the counting procedures in different states, and show how votes have been tampered with in the past (see this documentary:

If ever we needed to be counted, now is it!

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