Does New Hampshire Care?

Originally posted at on December 24, 2011

Does NH care about the environment? If they do, they would know that environmental regulations CREATE jobs. See this article for specific examples.

Do people in NH “believe” in global warming? If they do, and the facts are here, then they understand how a few degrees’ increase will contribute to more and harsher storms, flooding, and sea levels rising. “Extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall, floods, droughts, ice storms and heat waves are likely to increase in frequency and may also become more intense,” explains the report.

Will it affect their voting record? If it does, then they will be disappointed in Santorum’s record on the environment: read here.

But most of the media-fueled field have terrible track records on the environment. “Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul all want to eliminate the EPA,” says the above article.

Who can NH turn to that cares about the future of our country in terms of its water, land, and air health? Visit our Presidential Candidates to find out and help us DRAFT a REPUBLICAN candidate who will protect our ecology!


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