Where We Agree

Originally posted at Writeindependent.org in December 18, 2011

As I have long suspected, Democrats and Republican agree on many of the same things in this country. Our strength as a nation are in our similarities. Consider this: we can build a stronger nation by cooperation rather than focusing on our division. Whosoever divides this country is not a friend to this country. Think about that the next time someone wants to label you as purely Democrat, and therefore not Republican or vice versa.

According to a study done by Benjamin Page and Lawrence Jacobs, there is a broad general consensus in the USA, even across party lines of the following issues:
1. Every person should have equal access to opportunity.
2. Each person should work hard and help himself.
3. Those who are in real need should be helped by the government, so long as they also help themselves
4. Most people in this country agree with taxing the wealthy more.
5. Differences in income is too large, and distribution of wealth is unfair.
6. People should not go without food, clothing and shelter.
7. Government should provide really good schools for children.
8. Favor using taxes to provide early childhood education, like preschool and kindergarten.
9. Favor own tax dollars being used to help re-train people whose jobs were eliminated.
10. 73% want the government to make sure that all Americans have health care
11. 95% of those polled agreed that “one should always find ways to help those less fortunate”
12. Concern for ecology is greater than concern for economic growth, especially in young people.

Source: The Price of Civilization: Reawakening American Virtue and Properity by Jeffrey Sachs

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