I Can’t Sleep

Originally posted at Writeindependent.org on December 17, 2011

Whenever I have a great idea, I have trouble sleeping. It’s bouncing around in my brain, saying “I’m alive!” and it won’t let go.

That is what happened last night, when I realized how I could use a relatively “new” technology to support the first phase of this website. Have you ever heard of Microsoft tags? Well, up until a couple days ago, I never had. A tag is basically like a bar code, but when you scan it, it takes your mobile device directly to a website. Why is this cool? Because you don’t even have to find a pen to write down a website, or type its “url” into the find field. All you have to do is scan the tag, and wahlah! You’re there.

The implications are vast. The way my mind works, I automatically start thinking how  we can turn this into a fun exercise in techo-play. Let’s all wear buttons of the writeindependent.org USA logo and make them scannable tags. “Tag my flag!” you can say to your friends! Then they will get the app called gettag.mobi and be able to scan from their smart phone or iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

If technology weren’t so cool, would we all stop being geeks? I guess geek = cool.

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