Women Friends

Originally posted at Writeindependent.org on December 5, 2011

My women friends say I should write from my heart, and my men friends say I should keep my personal s**t out of my blog.

My women friends say that if I write from personal experience, other people will relate to me and understand (trust) me. My men friends say I will lose my credibility.

My women friends say that my power lies in overcoming my fears and everyone’s objections through getting out there and really showing myself. My men friends think it’s “unprofessional.”

My women friends say that the problem with politics is that it isn’t real anymore; it’s all lies and criticisms. And my men friends say that this isn’t going to work: who’s going to vote for who they really want? People only vote for one party to keep the other from winning.

I have to say it: men are going to keep things the same, and it’s up to us women to fix the mess the men have made. So I’m going to have to side with the women this time. They really do know what’s best for this country, so listen up guys!

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