The Debates are Rigged

Originally posted at November 15, 2011

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), is a privately held corporation, controlled by the Democrats and Republicans, and powered by the television networks to run the Presidential Debates.

According to Open Debates dot org, CPD “acts as the iron gatekeeper regarding the number of debates, who is chosen to ask the questions and who is excluded from most important forums for reaching millions of people interested in the presidential elections.” If you ever wondered why we don’t see any other parties’ candidates in the debates, this is the reason: the networks don’t want you to consider anyone other than the two parties.

I like what Open Debates dot org is talking about: they want the discussion about our country open to not just the Dems and the Repubs. They want true debate between more than two options. Visit their website, and demand that debates are held all over the country with more choices of candidates.

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