I Need A Wife Like Me

Originally posted at Writeindependent.org on November 14, 2011

Now that I’m divorced and have to Make a Living all by myself, I place a premium on those services which I had provided someone else in my marriage.

What I’m really saying is: I need someone to cook for me, keep an impeccable house, fully organized, fully stocked with food, to launder the sheets and towels, handle the mail and make the bed, and the million other little things that keep a house going.

I have no doubt that if I had that kind of help around the house, I could devote more time to business. It’s a great system: having a “wife” because both partners benefit. But just because I don’t have a partner who does all these things (and more!) doesn’t mean I’m going to stop from doing it all myself. It just means I’m more incredible.

The un-incredible thing is: I don’t make a living yet. I’m spending my savings to go out on a limb and do this website, not knowing if it will succeed or fail, if I will be scraping along once the savings is all used up, or if I will do fabulously well, or any permutation in between.

The question is: do people need a website like this? If it fulfills a need, then it should do well. The difference between success and failure is your support. Funny how that works out: I pay it forward, and see what happens. Wish us all good fortune!

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