We Need A Mensch

Originally posted at Writeindependent.org on October 26, 2011

I believe that we have yet to meet the person who will be elected our next president in 2012. That is why I feel a great hope for this country.

People around me are saying that it’s a done deal: Obama will win. Other say that programs like Americans Elect or my website will split the field and strengthen the Republican ticket.

I think there are two ways this could go: if Obama gets re-elected because nobody believes in voting nonpartisan tickets, he’ll be dealing with another Republican-run congress and we’ll have more of the same. If the Republicans take over again, we will have more protection for corporations and the wealthiest 1% than focus on repairing our budget deficits, unless of course, you’re willing to give up your Social Security benefits and the ecology of our soil, air, and water. For a deal with the devil, they will leverage our natural resources even more to pay the top executives their big bonuses. And if you don’t believe me now, this is just a warning.

It’s not that I’m anti-Republican. I have the same values as my Republican friends: I want a country that can protect itself, that stands up for its citizens’ rights, that provides us with clean air, water, and food, education, and that cares about the future of our communities. We have to be diligent, hard working, and true to our principles.

That is why we need a mensch to be our next president. A mensch is a good-hearted person, trustworthy and true. She has integrity; she’s smart and won’t back down when pushed. She would stand up to disingenuous people and call them on the carpet, and she would be able to spot nefarious activity a mile away. I only say “she” because it’s about time a woman ran things around here. Am I right, ladies?

If nobody steps up to the plate, I will eventually nominate someone myself. It won’t be me; that’s a job for a far far greater person than I. It’s no wonder all the “good” people don’t want that job: it’s thankless. How do you expect someone Normal to step up to the plate, when the winner is bound to get scrutinized, blamed for every problem, and conspired against. That’s been Obama’s presidency, all along.

We need someone whom people can trust. Let’s start looking, people, because the Republican field is pretty shabby. I have hope in our future, come join me in this quest.

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