Mortgage Aid

Originally posted at on October 27, 2011

Why do the banks come out looking “clean” and Obama blamed for the failure of his “mortgage aid” and the financial crisis?

The more you look into the reasons for the financial crisis, the more clear it becomes that the financial sector is responsible for housing losses, mishandling of the financial instruments that led to the job crisis, and re-financing woes that even people with decent jobs and credit can’t get their mortgages reset. If the banking industry hadn’t made a mess of the loan industry to begin with, we would not be in the shape we are in now.

Yet you would think that Obama caused all of it, by reading about his failure to fix the problem the financial industries themselves caused.

The responsibility for the job stimulus rests on the job creators. If, in fact, the “job creators” we keep hearing about did what they are labeled to do, then the economy would turn around. It reminds me of the monkey with his hand in the jar. He keeps holding on to the cash in the jar, making his fist too big to come out of the neck of the jar, when if he would only take his hand out…

Oh, that’s right. He’s just a monkey. Stupid monkey.

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