Calling All Congressmen

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Let it be known: I am trying to make a statement with the Pledge for Honest Candidates. I want to SHAME the congresspersons who won’t sign it. Most of us are so fed up with politicians spending money to promote themselves that they are ready to “mandate campaign reform,” even if they don’t know what that phrase means.


Yesterday, I called the following candidates and left messages, then sent emails asking them to sign the Pledge:

Bob Flores CA District 43

Sukhee Kang CA District 45

Jerry Hayden CA District 46

Gary DeLong CA District 47

Ron Varasteh CA District 48


I called Jerry Tetalman of CA District 49 and talked to Chuck, who asked me to send my information. I sent him the following email:

Dear Mr. Tetalman,


I spoke earlier with Chuck Franz about our website, Allow me to introduce to you the Agreement for Honest Candidates that aims to take money’s influence out of politics. Here’s a link directly to that Agreement:


And here is a great video that explains how that Agreement works to garner you votes in the upcoming general election: We plan to buy media all over the country to run the infomercial, so it’s important that you watch it.

And finally, I called David Secor, CA District 50, who answered his own phone and said that the Pledge sounded exactly like something he would support. I sent him an email, and he agreed to the Pledge, and now he’s a Pledge signer.


For every nine or so people who SAY they think the incumbents are corrupt, there is only one person who pledges to DO something about it once they get into office.  Don’t take their word for it. Make them sign the Agreement for Honest Candidates.


I want you to follow my lead: call these supposed “representatives,” tell them you want them to sign the Pledge, and make them feel ashamed for making all kinds of excuses why they won’t.


Today I moved on to Virginia. I called Gail Parker of VA District 1 and left a message. I always describe the purpose of my call and follow up with a similar email to the one above.


I talked to Sean, a volunteer at the campaign headquarters of Adam Cook VA District 1. I ended the day on a high note, calling Kevin Chisholm VA District 10, and I actually got him on the phone. He was excited about the Pledge and was pretty sure it suited him just fine. If for any reason you don’t see a star by his name, call him up and ask him to follow through by sending me an email at to say that he’s a Pledge signer, and we’ll make that red star show up next to his name.


Together, we can shape the election process of this country. But if I have to call every candidate on the list, I will because my life isn’t over yet, and I’m bound and determined.


Shame on those who continue to take money to barrage us with television ads! I want a serious debate, not tv ads. And I want a congressman who will promise NOT to vote for the Trans Pacific Partnership, which is the worst piece of legislation coming before congress within the next couple of years! If you don’t know what the TPP is, look it up on this blog or google it. Then tell your candidate not to vote for the Trans Pacific Partnership, or you won’t vote for them.


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