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Wisconsin radio host Sly introduced me today on his morning show.

A listener to Sly’s show said that I was condescending. I listened to the show again and realized that there was a part where I said that many voters don’t realize what happens to a bill as it goes through congress. Case in point: the Dodd Frank bill. It was written with good intentions, the bill really fixed the problems of bringing the proper regulations back into the banking system, and then it was dismantled by special interests. Plus, a smear campaign went on the media to make it seem like Dodd Frank was a terrible bill.

I apologize for saying that voters don’t realize what happens to bills when they go through congress. Many, many voters do know what goes on and they don’t like it.

However, I still stand by this: that many voters are hoodwinked by the media. If they hear that Dodd Frank is a terrible bill, they will just believe it without reading through the text of the bill themselves to see where it had started out, before it was subjected to the slings and arrows of the “process” we have in Washington. I was wrong to say that voters don’t know what goes on, but I will also say that many people don’t have the time or effort to put in the research necessary to find out how a bill is being manipulated behind the scenes or “sold” (or trashed)  to the American people via the media.

If you can think of an example to prove me wrong, that voters do always know the process of how bills are written and re-written, then go ahead and give me a hard time about it. I don’t mean to be condescending: I admit that I myself don’t always know what goes on in congress!

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