Drug Pusher

This morning, at the gym I saw a headline that ran “Killings up among Drug Dealers” or something of that sort. I tried to imagine why the killings have gone UP. As opposed to staying level, I guess.

Which got me thinking: if the classes are shifting, more people moving into challenging financial times, what are they more likely to do: drugs or whatever they were doing before this challenging time?

If the youth of today were planting gardens instead of doing drugs, maybe they’d avoid all the gun-related activity as well.

If food is a drug, and my drug of choice is veggies, then really: I’m a drug pusher myself. I espouse healthy food as a way to do drugs to feel good.

Everybody knows that if you eat well, you feel good in body mind and soul. Except how do you treat these veggies to make them taste good? Keep it simple, is what I say: just steam the kohlrabi and put some salt and/or butter on it. That should keep the kids off the street and in the garden.

I’m reading about teenagers, specifically boys, becoming men by going through a process called “initiation.” What our culture lacks is an initiation process for men so that boys know how they fit into society, their role as men: the responsibility it requires, and the spiritual path that beckons.

In a book called “The Secret Life of Men,” Steve Biddulph writes about Ecology as a Spiritual Path: “Many people are attracted to a more natural life, not just from ‘save the earth’ concerns but because they are pulled to it by the wildness in their own nature. Indeed there are many who would claim not to be religious at all, yet the wilderness and the ocean are already their spiritual homes. Surfer, mountaineers, hikers, are responding to this call. Even an old person growing roses is seeking the spiritual. The thirst for wildness is with us every day. The more artifical life gets, the more people strive to redress the balance. Nature always offers the happiest way for humans. The closer modern man gets to inner and outer wildness, the better things will go.”

So the daughter of my friend in Spanish class LOVED my script. Now I just have to find out what she’s made of, to see if she’s willing to take a few risks to get it read in Hollywood, the “People-Discouraging Machine.” Only the strong willed survive.

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  1. Guess who? says:

    Okay… this is the best post on this blog– no doubt about that! I TOLD you you were a drug dealer… jeez!!! “Everybody knows that if you eat well, you feel good in body mind and soul.” Mmhmm… yep.

    “If the youth of today were planting gardens instead of doing drugs, maybe they’d avoid all the gun-related activity as well.” Well… what if you told them they can grow food, clothes, jewelry, AND drugs that (1) AREN’T addictive (2) are in NO way toxic (unless, of course, you’re smoking the plant… one must weigh the benefits and dangers to this for themselves), and (3) are ANCIENT tools to access levels of consciousness otherwise belittled and forgotten in Western culture?

    And then there’s the initiation…

    “Unlike many commentators, I have no problem with the idea of Adam’s Original Sin (I don’t think Wilber finds it difficult either). Prior to initiation, we all hold the freewill delusion and are thus inherently subject to egoic guilt; we’re inherently then under the condemnation of (virtual, egoic) sin and (ego-) death. During entheogenic initiation, we are cleansed of that (virtual-) sinful mode of thinking, we have died our (ego-) death, have sacrificed our child-self, that sacrifice like that of Abraham’s lamb or the exit-doorway lambs in Egypt cleanses us, and we are no longer subject to (ego-) death and we have eternal (frozen-time) life.”

    “Entheogen myth metaphor *is* religious myth, which *is* myth. When myth (inherently entheogenic) is rationally explained, often sounds strained; the goal is not to limit oneself to simple perfect metaphors, but rather, to *describe* loose-cognition experience, often in pointedly challenging and puzzling ways.”

    “The main source of all religions and myth is entheogenic — either from entheogens or entheogens combined with techniques of meditation, dance, or ritual.”

    –Michael Hoffman

    We ARE the plants and we ARE ALLIES! 🙂

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