Press release is ready to go!

Sarojni, thank you for helping me edit my press release for the Fruit Exchange! You can visit Sarojni at

Sarojni is doing some amazing networking through her website which features “green” companies that care about the environment and your health as they go about their business.

Tomorrow, Jillian and I take Uncle David and cousin Chloe to Disneyland! Jill is taking a day off from school to celebrate her 8th birthday a little early at the World’s Happiest Place. We hope there won’t be too many people who have the same idea tomorrow, so we can get on the rides immediately without having to use a special pass.

On Sunday, we will be buying rose bushes at the South Coast Rose Society meeting for thier annual rose auction and sale. I’m looking for the following varieties: Fragrant Cloud, Pretty Girl, Eve, Alec’s Red, Pretty Girl, Barbra Streisand, and maybe Voluptuous, Mardi Gras, or Sheer Bliss. Of all these, I’m really most interested in Eve because it’s been elusive to me. I’ll also look for a McCartney climber, which is named after the Beatle.

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