Time to write a press release

Today, while talking to my dear friend, Sarojni Mehta-Lissak, I remembered that my launch of Rancho Palos Verdes’ Fruit Exchange Group never had much fanfare. She recommended that I write a press release and give it to our two local publications here on the hill. It’s time to get the word out! We need to exchange some fruit!

I’ve been sick these last couple of days with… I don’t know what. It’s a virus, it makes my body ache all over, it’s a sore throat, a sniffling nose, a throaty voice, and tiredness. Even though today was a restful day, I…

…made Kohlrabi Curry with basmati rice. It was just what the doctor ordered, spicy and tasty.

Oh, and yes, I already had made my homemade Jewish chicken soup with matzoh balls. Most of it went into the freezer, but a lot has already made me feel like when I was growing up: well taken care of by a Jewish Mom.

Oh, and Lauren Dore, I’ll be getting back to you soon!

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