Spraying Peach Trees

There’s three times to spray for peach leaf curl: around Thanksgiving, around X-mas, and around Valentine’s Day. I use a sulfur dormant spray. It stinks, but it’s “organic” and it’s better than not doing anything, especially if you live in an area of high humidity, fog, or frequent rain.

We’re in New Jersey right now, in Weehawken, staying in a lovely townhome across the Hudson from Manhattan. We have a beautiful view of the city.

We’ve already been to Stage Deli and La Mela restaurant in Little Italy, two of our favorites. And did you know that 2 mg of memory for a digital camera costs only $5.00? That’s five dollars. That’s so inexpensive!  This week, we plan to eat pizza downtown, to see Mary Poppins on Tuesday and the Little Mermaid on Wednesday. We’ll also visit Free People because that’s one of my favorite clothing stores. And Shanghai Tang is Jeff’s favorite, so we’ll go there too. A little bit for everyone.

The garden thrives by itself because it runs on a timer system for watering. I’m looking forward to picking peas when I get home!

In 2002 I took a Master Gardener course in California. After I passed the test, I volunteered about 6 hours toward becoming Certified (it takes 50 hours of volunteer time to get Certified) and then promptly moved to Massachusetts. In MA, I took the MG class, passed the test, and spent the 60 hours becoming certified, so in MA I’m a Certified Master Gardener. But in CA, not yet.

So I’m trying to catch up. I’ll be letting you know what volunteer opportunities I’ll be doing, and if you’re interested in gardening, you can attend most of these events yourself. So keep reading these posts for your opportunity to learn more gardening tips!

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