Bad News and the Grace of God

The bad news is that I didn’t make the cut for’ grant program. They sent me a “deep regrets” letter that said I didn’t advance into the final round. You can see my entry here:

I had a hard time with the news. I wondered what I did wrong. But of course, there is no right or wrong here. Selecting a winner is a matter of opinion.

Why didn’t send us the links to all the entrants? I would have liked to see my competition. I was expecting the ShopLocal folks to email their “followers” the links of all the videos that had been submitted because it just makes sense. Don’t they want to promote local businesses? Isn’t that their mission? So why weren’t we given the information about all the other contenders?

When you put as much time and effort into creating a business, a reputation, a brand and a video that showcases those things, it’s hard to find out that it hasn’t made the cut. But it doesn’t mean giving up. I have to say, this is a humbling experience.

Life isn’t always about success. Often, it’s about how you handle the downs. I’ve got more than the usual quantity of failed attempts because I try so many different ways to be successful. I have been flexible and resilient, optimistic, positive, and when things don’t work out, I figure I’m building up to one huge joyful day when something I’ve done hits the mark. And if it never happens, then boy, will I feel joyful when I die. I know that logic doesn’t make everyone happy, but it’s my way of handling the crushing incessant and unrelenting pounding I’ve had for the past four years of trying to make a go of things.

When things are really bad, I console myself by knowing that no one is paying any attention to what I’m doing. So if I’m not gaining any traction, I’m also not embarrassed because I’m being ignored!

I joined the Live Your Legend blog challenge because I know I write more than anyone else out there! And that’s the thing about writers: they write even when there seems to be nothing to say. What happens is that you get better because you’re honing your craft, even on a bad day.

Live Your Legend (LYL) promotes Jonathan Fields’ RevolutionU program. I love it! It looks great. But I’m not ready to take the class because my book isn’t finished yet. What’s the point of trying to start a revolution when you don’t have your ducks lined up? I can tell I’m not ready. There’s value in being ready for a thing before you try.

My writers’ group loved the completely new first chapter of my book. They told me today that it was good writing, that they could visualize what I described, and that they wanted to know more. There was enough positive feedback to feel like it’s coming along. And that is what I want to focus on tonight before I go to sleep. One small grace from God is worth the world.

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