Bill Maher’s Conspiracy Theory

Originally posted at on April 19, 2012

Bill Maher said he’s not a conspiracy theorist, but… He’s noticed that the Republicans … well, let’s just take a quote from his recent show on Yahoo:

“…it looks like all these Republicans, they just want to keep the economy in the shitter until November, and then blame it on Blackie McBlackman. That’s not patriotic. You know, all their budget battles, always strangling the economy, you know: I understand why they’re doing that. I don’t understand why Obama ever goes half in on their bad ideas… When you’re having budget battles, and the Republicans want to cut from the poor, and the children, and the elderly, and the planet as they DO, it’s not the Democrats’ job (to say) ‘great, how much should we fuck them?’ That’s when the Democrats threaten their shit, threaten the oil companies, threaten the banks, threaten the Pentagon. Somebody in office, please!”

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