Good People In The World

Originally posted at on April 9, 2012

I just finished moderating the third nonpartisan presidential debate, and I am excited! What we are doing is so important, to have on record what the future leaders of our country are saying about our civil rights, our government and its problems and how to fix them.

As I wrote the questions for this debate, I learned a lot about our Bill of Rights, and how the original framers of our Constitution could never have imagined the technology that we enjoy today. It would be impossible for them to anticipate every new development their young country would grow to create.

All the more reason why it is crucial for us to have these discussions about privacy, and our rights as citizens, as participants in true democracy. If you care about our country and want to see it live on in all its glory, you will watch the third debate. If you ever wondered what Occupy was all about, if you ever wondered why they chose the word “Occupy” then this is the debate to see.

For the first link to the third installment of our nonpartisan presidential debates, visit here.

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