Buried Heads

Originally posted at Writeindependent.org on March 29, 2012

“Thoughtless is the man who buries his ideals, surrendering to the common fate.” –Unknown

When I speak to young people of the coming wind-solar-hydrogen age, they are very excited and know that it will be done.

When I speak to cynical older folks that we must switch from gasoline to hydrogen, they are skeptical at best and tell my why it is impossible, or can’t be done, or is a hundred years away.

The difference between the two is astounding, yet simple to understand. People in their twenties often have the energy and optimism that youth provides. They are up to the task. People too tired or busy to do the research resign themselves to what they have been told.

It is very simple: the research is done. Hydrogen has been a viable option for many years, and only the will of the people has kept it from reaching prominence in the world of energy. We must start building the infrastructure, year by year, until hydrogen is the carrier fuel for our descendants. And we must not wait.

I submit the following links for proof, and let you decide for yourself.













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