Josh Silver

Originally posted at on March 18, 2012

Josh Silver, I commend you. He founded United Republic, a non-profit whose mission is to remove money’s influence on our government.

United Republic’s website states:  “In 2012 alone, special interests will spend roughly $4.5 billion on campaign contributions and $3.5 billion on lobbying. That’s a crushing amount of influence. And the only way we can counter it is with the creativity, enthusiasm and time of people like you.” That means YOU.

Josh writes:

“This is the rotten reality that the Supreme Court created two years ago with its Citizens United decision. Both Obama and Romney condemn super PACs, but feel as if they have no choice but to participate in them.

“I get the mentality: If the other side is stockpiling nuclear weapons, I’d better do the same. The problem is that it’s a mentality of mutual destruction. And what’s being destroyed is the integrity of democracy itself. The real winners are the mega donors who bankroll super PACs.

“Let’s make this the last election in American history of its kind. We must demolish our current campaign finance system and start anew. That work has already begun. Three out of four Americans reject the current system. So after this bender is over, we’re going to tear it all down, and create a new era of reform.

“In the meantime, both candidates claim that they’d like super PACs to disappear. We call on Obama and Romney to immediately explain to voters how they plan to overhaul the system. Americans are waiting. Sixty three percent of Americans say that reducing money in politics will be a factor in their vote.”

I urge every one of you, for maybe the first time in your life, don’t just vote for the lesser of two evils. Vote for who you really want, for someone who isn’t corrupted, for someone whose heart is in the right place.

Because: “Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.” —Jerry Garcia

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