Harry Braun Goes Nuclear

Originally posted at Writeindependent.org on March 13, 2012

Independent write-in candidate Harry Braun went nuclear yesterday at the second nonpartisan presidential debates, hosted by Writeindependent.org. For a link to his reaction to the question of nuclear energy, visit here. I’m in the tiny box at the bottom, moderating the debate.

“I think somebody should be taken to court over this,” Braun stated, referring to the promotion of the nuclear business by our government, even in light of the fact that radioactivity is detrimental to our health.

He criticized Obama for his support of nuclear energy through 8 billion dollars of taxpayer money being earmarked for new, unproven reactors in Georgia. “He’s technically an idiot who doesn’t understand even the basics of any of this,” Braun stated emphatically.

I broke my straight face when JL Mealer suggested that we use our spent radioactive alloys to back our money.

“It already exists, we might as well use it,” Mealer suggested. “It uses the already spent metals and fuels…because we have to store it anyway…it can’t be stolen, can’t be counterfeited, and we’ll base certificates off of it…” he continued.

“Oh for heaven’s sake,” I said amid laughter.

Harry was laughing too. Why not back our money with something no one wants? It is just as absurd as backing our money with something no one can eat or use or live on. Gold is cold company if you’re sick from radiation poisoning.


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