Writing In Your Vote

Originally posted at Writeindependent.org on February 7, 2012

Many people in this country distrust that their vote is being counted correctly at the ballot. Diebold, iVotronics. and touch-screen voting machines made by ES&S, and hanging chads do not inspire confidence in the process. Both Democrats and Republicans have tampered with voting by gerrymandering districts, allowing illegals to vote, not counting entire swaths of voters (see Broward County, FL), or bullying and intimidation at the polls. Even registering to vote has been fraught with difficulties imposed by voter suppression tactics.

When people who want to vote run into problems, there is an answer. First, register early, register now. And second, write in your vote and stand at the polling place until it’s counted. I’m recommending a 6-to-8 party at the polls, where neighbors stand together until their heads are counted from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, especially in districts that may be contentious. A “write-in and stand” vote is more reliable than a computer-counted vote. It is the reason why marches and protests work: pictures are worth thousands of words, especially when words lie.

2012 is the year of voters fighting for the right to be counted correctly.

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