Montana Chips Away at Citizens United

Originally posted at on February 9, 2012

I found this in my inbox today, and thought I’d pass it along. It gave me goosebumps!

Today we start chipping away at the idea of corporate personhood — city by city and state by state. We’re starting in Montana, because the U.S. Supreme Court recently blocked a ruling by Montana’s highest court banning corporate campaign contributions.

That’s right: the U.S. Supreme Court handed federal elections over to corporations in the Citizens United decision, and now its preventing states from enacting their own safeguards against the corporate takeover of our democracy.

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Montanans decided more than 100 years ago to keep corporate money out of candidate campaigns, and the Montana Supreme Court upheld that very law in December. But the U.S. Supreme Court still thinks Citizens United should be the law of the land. We disagree, and I’m betting you do, too.

So we’re launching a state-wide campaign on behalf of a constitutional amendment that restores democracy to the people: Stand with Montanans. Common Cause and its coalition partners are filing ballot initiative language today with the Montana Secretary of State to establish a new policy declaring out that corporations do not have the same constitutional rights as people.

Your role in this effort is critical.

If this campaign for Montana inspires you, please sign up to be part of the Amend 2012 team in your state?  Your democracy will thank you!

Thanks for all you do,

Bob Edgar
Amend2012 (a project of Common Cause)

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