Who Needs A War?

Originally posted on Writeindependent.org on February 2, 2012

Who needs war when the corruption of our government will bring American down from within?

People complain all the time that there’s a “conspiracy” bringing out government down. It’s no conspiracy; it’s just plain and simple selfishness.

Nothing corrupts like luxury. I’m not talking about massages once in a while that work the aching pains out of your muscles, or a café latte that warms up your fingers and insides. I’m talking about the kind of luxury that happens when you can finally afford to stop flying coach or business class or first class because now you’re flying private jets.

Nobody is saying it, but I’ll say it here: you should be ashamed of yourselves! This has got to stop, and because you won’t stop yourselves, we, the American people, are going to stop you. (I feel like the mother telling her kids: “don’t fight, play nice.”)

It’s not because we want to keep you from flying private once in a while. It’s because you’re ruining our economy. It puts a lot of people out of work, makes living conditions intolerable for a huge segment of the population, and it skews our view that we were given a wondrous planet to live on and enjoy, when a few selfish people are keeping the rest of the world held down.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: money absolutely needs to flow. And when it gets pent up and hoarded, it putrefies. The reason our economy sucks right now is because too few people have too much money. They have no imagination for how to create jobs to improve this situation. And the money rules our government, our media, our very thoughts about who to trust and who not to trust. They are like monkeys holding onto the nuts in a slim-necked jar, trying to control every aspect of life to keep the nuts while missing the point.

I’ll give you a hint on who not to trust: if a person would rather throw his companion under the bus than help him up, he’s the kind of person who will claw his way to the top, no matter how many people he has to step on to do it. Don’t you think they would also step on YOU if you got in the way of their selfish goals? If your elected official is running negative ads, it’s a sure sign that s/he is that kind of person.

That’s why we have the congress we have today: they don’t care about their fellow citizens. They only care about one thing: getting ahead. So next time you see one of their ads, think about this. And then find someone who stands on principle, not on the bodies of the dead.

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