The Money Trail

Originally posted at on January 11, 2012

“The crisis of American capitalism marks the triumph of consumers and investors over workers and citizens. And since most of us occupy all four roles – even though the lion’s share of consuming and investing is done by the wealthy – the real crisis centers on the increasing efficiency by which all of us as consumers and investors can get great deals, and our declining capacity to be heard as workers and citizens.” –Robert Reich

The crux of the matter is this:

There is a machine, run by money. Let’s follow the money.

First, companies with the greatest wealth fund politicians’ campaigns.

These politicians can run splashy ads and buy expensive television time.

The public wants to go with a “winner” and so decides there’s really only two choices.

These choices become more and more about who is funded, and not necessarily about who is the best candidate.

The people decide that what they see on television must be true, and so they believe what they see. Most people are not immune to the daily onslaught of messages heaped upon them.

And finally, who wins the biggest in these campaigns? The media! The media conglomerates get the lions share of the funds, so what do they do?

They fund more politicians who favor their industry, and they cycle repeats itself.

The only losers are the people of this country who believe everything they see on TV. Or at least, they can’t tell truth from fabrication.

Ultimately, it’s about the couch. The couch wants you to leave a deep impression in its cushions, because there you feel safe and relaxed. There you can unwind, let down your guard, and soak in the television. There your mind is like a warm tea, steeped in talking points and messaging. You are getting sleepy… you are getting sleepy… you are getting sleepy…

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