Turn Down Your Medicare

Originally posted at Writeindependent.org on January 6, 2012

Oh no! What happens when Obama runs against Romney? You get Rombama Care or Obamneycare, that’s what!

And that means SOCIALISM, just like Medicare means socialism.

And I don’t see anyone turning down Medicare.

What’s with people these days? Why are they so quick to think that medical insurance would turn our country socialist? It’s laughable. I can always spot the people who believe everything they hear/see on television because they’re so sure that a government medical plan means socialism… Who thinks up these things?

The insurance companies, that’s who.

Think about it for a second (or two!)… Who stands to lose the most from a government medical insurance? Not the consumers who would buy into it, for most of them it would be the first time they could afford insurance in a long time. No, it’s the insurance companies who would lose big time, when people opted out of their plans to buy the “cheaper” insurance. Or so they feared.

When has an insurance company ever had your best interests at heart? Come on, they’re a business trying to make a buck. Show me an insurance company who cares more about the health of its patients than the health of their bottom line and…well, just try to show me one.

The only reason Obamacare isn’t good anymore is that once the insurance companies dismantled all the important parts, like the public option, you couldn’t even recognize the original intent of the legislation, like the fact that we were trying to get most Americans on a medical plan that sought to keep people healthy. Imagine the nerve of those “socialists” who wanted people to be healthy, or at least taken care of.

If you bought into the whole “government insurance plans are socialism,” then go ahead and turn down your Medicare (if it isn’t completely gutted by the time you qualify for it!) And then post a comment below that you did so, because I want to meet the person who turned down Medicare because it’s a socialist plot. On second thought, I don’t want to waste my time.

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