Save Us, New Hampshire!

American Beauty

Originally posted at on January 4, 2012

All eyes are on you, New Hampshire, to come up with a decent Republican candidate. Let this sink in first: don’t expect to go all the way to the oval office with any of the usual suspects.

Republicans are too lukewarm on any of the so-called “front runners” for any candidate to make a serious run for office, in my humble opinion. If you want a real contender, write in someone whom you really like so that we can cast our eyes on this non-media-conglomerate person.

I used to live in Boston, and have a great deal of respect for the people who live in the great Northeast. They are rugged individualists, intelligent, scrappy and tough. We need you to think outside of the box and bring in someone whom we would be proud to call President. Give someone who does not have bazillion dollar campaign coffers a chance to get some attention. You can do it, New Hampshire!

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