The Fear of the 1%

Originally posted at on December 31, 2011

Consider this: is there a problem with dividing the country into the 99%’ers and the 1%’ers?

Originally, this divide might have been used to make tax distinctions: tax the highest 1% of wage earners a little more than the other 99% so that our government can make its obligations.

Somehow this message got changed into: the 99% is blaming the other 1% for its problems. Is this how you are thinking today? How did you start believing this message? Did you see something on TV that scared or angered you into this belief?

I object to dividing our country by ideology, theology, class or any other method. By dividing our country, it automatically inserts fear and anger into the equation. When Lincoln said “a house divided against itself cannot stand,” he was referring to slavery. But the same could be said today, referring to divides based on religion, class, or political ideologies. To be strong, our country requires that we focus not on our differences (be them as they may) but on cooperation-based initiatives.

For a more in-depth discussion of this topic, read here.

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