Advertising Bashing

Originally posted at on December 29, 2011

We need a new way of learning about the people running for office.

Do you really know anything about a candidate who puts a one minute “spot” on television? When a candidate tries to win favor over an opponent by slamming them in an ad, does it inform you about the person the ad promotes?

Aren’t we all a little tired of seeing negative ads that mean to bash another’s reputation?

It is easy to find unflattering pictures of people. Worse yet, in politics it’s so easy to find ways in which a candidate has contradicted himself, changed his position, or been hypocritical.

When I see an advertisement for a politician, I try to read between the lines. I automatically look for the agenda that some special interest is pushing. For example, whenever I hear a candidate talk about how they want to abolish the EPA, I know that they are funded by some business who wants environmental regulations removed so that they can “save money” by polluting more.

Are you reading between the lines when you watch advertising? I know that when a candidate runs solely on bashing others, usually it means they have very little to offer themselves.

Let’s all be a little smarter and seek out people who have real answers.

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