Venture Capitalist

Originally posted at on December 3, 2011

I was speaking to a venture capitalist about my business and he told me I didn’t “sound” like an entrepreneur. It was not meant to hurt me, though it did: it was meant to educate me. I’m not investment-worthy, and this was the way he was telling me to go out and learn the lingo.

He’s probably used to people always wanting things from him. He wants to have a discussion in the paradigm of business, and I am not “corporate.” I don’t know how to be corporate, because I have never been in a hierarchal environment without being the one who started it all. I loathe being subordinate to anyone. That’s why people who expect me to fit a mold, some preconceived idea of what I “should” be, or how I “should” fall in line are confused what to do with me.

But it hurt, because I’m coming into it so late in life: trying to start a business from scratch again, and needing help from so many people.

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