Donald Trump as a Moderator?

Originally posted at on November 29, 2011

This is proof that the Republican field is so weak, that they have to bring in the high jinx to get any attention for their Republican debates! Donald Trump, real estate tycoon, master debt raiser and negotiator, the person who “coined” the phrase “You’re FIRED!” is our next Brit Hume?

Maybe the Neilson ratings were so low at the last fourteen (fifteen?) debates, that they had to bring in someone with a little “TVQ”. And the best they could come up with was Trump. How do these things happen?

One thing sums up what Donald Trump is all about: his legacy. He wants to put the biggest stamp on the world that he can before he dies so nobody (use the NY or NJ accent here) “fuh – gets about him”.

In an interview with Matt Lauer, Trump states: “But the fact is that if the wrong candidate is nominated to run, if I think it’s a candidate that’s not going to win and not very good and that could happen, I guess, I mean, I’m seeing some very good people and some very talented people and if the economy continues to be bad and I think it will because I think we have incompetent leadership, I would certainly think about running as a independent, yes.”

What eloquence! What vision! What ego!!!

If Donald has his way and actually moderates the next debate, perhaps it will be his chance to tell each candidate, one at a time “You’re FIRED!” until there’s no one left standing. When Trump is boss, guess with whom we are left? You guessed it: The Donald!

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