An Example of Flow

Originally posted at on November 27, 2011

Mihály Csíkszentmihályi first defined “flow” as a state of complete immersion in a task, where a feeling of joy envelops the person involved. When experiencing flow, time ceases to exist, the activity seems effortless, the self or ego slips away, and everything feels right with the world. Many of us witness this during sporting events or musical concerts, or a play or dance performance. The vicarious thrill in watching someone during flow may be one (sometimes unrecognized) reason why we want to be audience members.

What are you doing when you feel “flow”?

Usually people feel flow when they are doing the thing that matches their skills and abilities.

It was, perhaps, the activity or interest that most jazzed you when you were a child. For me, it was always writing and visiting stationery stores. I was a weird kid.

I mention flow because as Americans, we need to feel a sense of empowerment in our own lives before we can be grounded enough to think our vote matters. A person with low self-esteem, who is depressed, feeling ennui, won’t vote. Find your passion, get into your groove and the rest of your world falls into place.

For inspiration, here is one example of flow:

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