Why So Difficult?

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Originally posted at Writeindependent.org on November 23, 2011

Why do I choose the most difficult thing to do?

I could have looked for a job in industries where I had experience: medical office management, sales, design, or gardening. I could have spent my savings to go back to school and learn a new career. Or maybe I could have started a small business editing video for my friends, putting together scrapbooks, or started a cooking school.

Instead, I decided I wanted to change Washington. Why did I have to pick the most difficult thing?

To change Washington, will require getting the attention of over a hundred million American voters, and then convincing them that it is in their best interest to elect people who have not been bought by special interests. When the media pushes the people who are already in conflict-of-interest situations, when all those advertising dollars promote more-of-the-same politics, when all the cards are stacked against this grand experiment working, why would I ever choose to do this, of all things?

I believe in the spunk of optimism, of fantastic turns of fate, and of the power of the underdog. I believe that the American spirit is about fighting for what is right, against all odds! Plus, I only have only one life to live, and my motto is: when given the choice, I will do what I feel is the right thing, let my conscience be my guide.

Above your health, value your good conscience. It is what you take with you beyond the grave.

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