Originally posted at on November 8, 2011

What is true? There are now seven billion people on this planet, and the truth is different for each person. For truth resides in the brain: its perception of the world.

In seeking truth, I can tell you that as I get older, I realize there is only one pure truth: and that is creativity. It is expressed in the arts, in music, and in growing things (and I don’t mean a growing economy.) I mean art, not money. Moving money around a myriad ways is not art.

I often think that people who grow up in the 1% families, some of those daughters and sons, will look out over this world and see the disparity, and they will not be thanking their parents for the havoc they have wreaked.

Children always rebel against their parents. It’s just a matter of degree. Sure, some of them won’t care. They will be as insouciant as their parents about the effects of their actions, and they will try to stay insulated from the poor 99% “out there” and they will stay in their little worlds.

But there will be some children of these families who don’t like it, and they are the hope.

So what is the truth? Can I just say: it doesn’t matter what the truth is. It matters only that we are the fullest expression of our God given talents, because God only created us to be witnesses to beauty, creation, artwork. And that’s the truth.

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