Chris Christie for President?

Originally posted at on October 14, 2011

Chris Christie

The answer is no.

Even if we all liked Chris Christie, we couldn’t force him to become President by writing his name in. He would have to file his “letter of intent” in each state that requires it, and he would have to do so before July 3rd because Indiana requires the earliest filing.

Some states require you to jump through more hoops than others to make your run for Presidency official. For example, the state of Illinois requires you to file a “Declaration of Intent to be a Write-in Candidate” in each of the 102 counties and with each of the 8 Board of Elections Commissioners if you want your write-in vote counted. Each form needs to be notarized. Hopefully, you know a notary that will only charge $10 (or less) to sign all 110 forms at once!

This process might seem excessive, but the point is that we want to be sure that the write-in candidate is quite serious about her intentions, has had time to think about it, and realizes the enormity of the task at hand. It reminds me of pregnancy.

For more information about how to file letters of intent, visit:

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