No Need To Raise Taxes At All!

Originally posted at on September 30, 2011

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We don’t need to raise taxes to balance the budget. That is, we don’t need to raise taxes on anyone anywhere if the people who have money invest in our future.

The whole reason we are complaining about the wealthiest 1% is that they are sitting on money that could be used to make products and services, provide people with jobs, and thereby increase the standard of living of many Americans. Once those Americans have jobs, they will be contributing payroll taxes, making purchases that stimulate the economy, and we’ll be back in business.
So why isn’t it happening? Because the 1% who resist paying more taxes aren’t doing anything productive with their money: nothing that would help their neighbors and fellow Americans, that is.
And that’s just plain un-American.
If we do start taxing the wealthiest few, it will be because they have no imagination, no idea of how to use their money for the greater good.

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