Change is Scary

 Originally posted at on September 6, 2012

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Before the economy gets better, things have to change. Change is scary, but it is also exciting and wondrous.

Everyone must know how to handle his/her own anxiety that comes along with real change. Remember first that so long as you have a good heart, you will be strong enough to turn the tide when you are called upon to follow your soul’s path, and not this shallow existence we’ve witnessed so far. I’m writing specifically to those people out there who think that greed is good, and that money is everything. There is a better life ahead and we each hold the key.

To handle the anxiety that comes along with real change, we must know technology in the softer sciences. Some wonderful experts have already uncovered techniques to handle anxiety. Dr. R. Reid Wilson is a forerunner in this important endeavor of showing people how to retrain their thinking process. He explains some simple concepts that anyone can understand because the proof of their concept resides in the body. I will give you a link near the end of this blog of Dr. Wilson’s YouTube video to get you started.

Your body is like a tuning fork: if you pay attention to its vibration, you will be able to handle and ultimately enjoy living. Listen to some wonderful music, watch a beautiful play, read a deep poem, observe the vastness of the sky, hold a loved one in your arms and feel the love coursing through your body, look upon art and nature–all these techniques help ground us and keep us in reality. And reality or consciousness is good indeed.

If you do not experience anxiety or have a fear of the unknown, this blog post is not for you. But if you occasionally feel like you’re out of control of your life, or you get nervous before making a decision, or if you have free-floating fear, visit here.

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