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Originally posted at on Sept 4, 2011


Remember Obama’s big campaign slogan: CHANGE ?


What were we expecting? We wanted something different, but what exactly was that?


Obama represented a difference, but he never really told us HOW he was going to change things. Specifically, how? Yes, he made some promises. Did he deliver on them? Hmmm…


How different are things now, anyway?


Have you ever been in a relationship where you wanted the other person to change? How did that work out for you?


Think back on times in your life when you changed. Did it happen overnight? Or was it a slow process?


Sometimes change happens because you make a life-altering decision. You decide to stop smoking, to quit a job, to get engaged to someone you love.


But a lot of times, you change because of something that happens to you. You didn’t make a decision, because life foisted something upon you that, many times, you didn’t even expect would happen. For example, when you:

         Lost a job

         Won the lottery or started making much more money than usual

         Lost a loved one

         Moved to a new place, a new house, a new community

         Realized you were very sick, that your health was threatened

         Fell in love

         Found out someone was cheating you

         Welcomed a new child into your life

         Experienced a tragedy

         Celebrated a milestone


These are examples of events that happen to you that drastically change your life. And then, sometimes suddenly, sometimes slowly, you change.


When we expect other people to change our lives, we are quite often disappointed. That is because other people can’t change your life. Or won’t. And when that happens, guess what? It’s up to you to change it yourself.


If your life has been horrible because of the economy, or because you lost your house, or because your sister-in-law just won’t do what you asked her to do, think again. Maybe it’s time you reflected on how you could make things different.


When people blame the President for the economy, I have to grin. It’s not Obama that has to change this country (although it would help if he would show some leadership!) It’s each of us, going through our very own lives, who has to want to change something.


Changes are coming. And I promise you: they will be good. Stay tuned, because I have something up my sleeve. Keep in mind that you will have to make a decision or life will just happen to you.


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