Obama and Romney are Hurting Our Children

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Children love fairy tales, and adults do too. As long as we can suspend our disbelief, we will go along with the story. But what if your child were being duped by a shyster, or conned by a shell game? Would we allow that person to mislead our son or daughter right in front of our faces?

There are seven ways in which both Romney and Obama are misleading our children by omission of the facts and relying on voter amnesia:

  1. Foreign Policy: Both candidates want to keep spending our children’s yet-to-be-earned taxpayer dollars. They both said in the debates that they will continue humanitarian efforts abroad, and Romney stated: “identify…a form of council that could take the lead in Syria and then make sure they have the arms necessary to defend themselves…that they don’t have arms that get into the wrong hands…(to) be used against us down the road.”  If we have to borrow from our children’s future or China to keep looking like the savior country of the planet, what kind of future will our children have supporting this illusion?
  2. Mounting National Debt: While Romney proposes a $2 trillion increase in military, Obama will still keep war spending higher than Bush’s first term. Neither candidate sees the threat that continued drone warfare poses to our security.
  3. Creating Jobs: Obama and Romney both think that jobs will magically appear once we either spend more taxpayer dollars, as in the former, or stop taxing the wealthy companies, as in the later. Can we just all agree: they are both bad ideas. (See number 5 below.) If we depend upon payroll taxes to fund our country’s activities, we’re like Ouroboros devouring ourselves without producing a healthy outcome. And we know that tax breaks for the wealthy just make them wealthier; it doesn’t make them start spreading that wealth around. There is a way to get the economy going again, but neither one is talking about it. For answers, visit this link.
  4. Banks and other Financial Institutions: The biggest lie of all is that our economy will be fine someday under either a Romney or Obama presidency. If the economy is chugging along at all, it’s because it is built on a house of cards and we’re all holding our breath for fear it will come crashing down as soon as someone blows it. With derivatives at around 700 trillion dollars, much of the world’s economy is based on one huge lie, and neither candidate is willing to address this problem. It’s the biggest act of omission ever perpetrated on the world, engineered by market masturbators, who are hopped up on cocaine and diddling themselves in their financial palaces.
  5. Food, Water and Health: This is where the shit really hits the fan. We can ignore the rest of the world, we can ignore the wealthy who run the show, but we can’t ignore the fact that we are hungry or sick. Obama’s idea for creating jobs is to drill for more oil or to frack the hell out of our natural gas and burn, baby, burn that fossil fuel. Fracking is shown to make our water unfit to drink. Both candidates are backed by the same seed and chemical companies who are putting toxins in our soil and crossing genera with patentable gene products that make a mockery of natural processes. They threaten the fabric of life as we know it with untested, unproven chemical and scientific “experiments” that have already been unleashed into our agriculture and into the animal and pest worlds. The genie is already out of the bottle, but only our children will see the effects of these greed-induced nightmares.
  6. Sovereignty and Civil Liberties: Neither Romney nor Obama are interested in your children’s future, and here are two examples. The Trans Pacific Partnership, which both support, would override our country’s sovereignty by ceding our highest court in the land to a tribunal of three attorneys. Under the TPP, corporations will be able to sue our government if our environmental or copyright laws interfere with their ability to make a profit. They will be able to use other countries’ copyright and patent rights to sue for our use of generic drugs under our country’s laws. The TPP is the “work around” answer to our rejection of SOPA and PIPA and to California’s passage of Proposition 37, if it indeed does pass, forcing corporations to label food that is genetically modified. Secondly, woe betide the president who stands up to the military industrial complex, saying we aren’t going to be the world’s policeman anymore by handing out arms like so much Halloween candy.  Obama signed the NDAA, and I suppose he would have been assassinated if he hadn’t.
  7. Medicare and Social Security: Romney has stated that he’s not going to affect Medicare for today’s seniors, but the implied (unstated) fact is that he wants to rid our children’s safety nets for the future. This might be okay if you are lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family, but it won’t help most people in this country.
  8. Global Warming: None of the above will matter to our children if we continue to ignore this problem. In the aftermath of Sandy, perhaps those of us who have suffered losses of life or homes will finally realize that it is not a hoax. The cost cannot simply be measured in dollars, but there will be costs to the taxpayer every time the federal government swoops in to help. Climate change is the reason we have had record high temperatures and drought that now affects food prices for corn, eggs, chicken, beef, and anything that contains high fructose corn syrup. We burn fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow, with no regard to how our children will keep up this frenzied pace. Neither candidate is visionary, because neither one has a clue how to cauterize the use of fossil fuels fast enough to lay a viable path for the future. Visit the Maldives if you want to see a country go underwater.

There are alternatives to these two candidates, with actual solutions to these problems. Watch the third party debates or the nonpartisan debates. In four years, it may just be the only answer to our mounting crises.

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