Judy consults!

Hi lovers of homegrown foods! I’ve been away from the blog, but not the garden. I have too many potential customers, and always more people asking to belong to my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) though I don’t have enough produce to have a CSA! It is always better to have more customers than product than the other way around, because if I can increase output, I can always find people who love really good food to purchase more.

So toward that end, I’ve finally gotten the snails and slugs under control and the fruit looks amazing, and it’s coming in furiously now. The strawberries are about 4 to 6 weeks later than usual because of huge climatic shifts (global warming?), which just means that you’ll be able to find in-season tomatoes all the way through January!

In addition to higher production, I am now offering my services as a fruit/veggie growing consultant. I have my first client now installing and filling their raised beds per my instructions. I offer the same services to you: to design and instruct or install (from beginning to end) your own home growing system. If you are interested, give me a call and we will see how to turn your back (or front!) yard into food.

The peaches are coming in right now, and they are delicious! Right now, Eva’s Pride (a yellow freestone peach) is producing well, but when the Mid Pride peaches (also yellow freestone) start coming in, there will be a huge cartload to sell or trade (see the Rancho Palos Verdes Fruit Exchange link on my homepage). Let me know if you want peaches via email or just drive over this Saturday, when I’ll be in the garden/on the farm.

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