Weird weather

It’s August and we’re still having 66 degree weather in the morning? Does that make sense? I’m still planting new seeds for hot weather crops, because I have a strong feeling that we’re headed for hot weather all the way through December and into January. That means tomatoes in January, guys! If anybody will be doing it, I will!

Other news: a new IEP for Jillian coming up August 27th.  We still don’t know where she’s going to school Sept 1st. Talk about waiting til the last minute, PV Schools! She’s been doing Lindamood Bell all summer except this week, she’s taking a much-needed vacation by attending Camp Escapades, a special needs camp through Pediatric Therapy Network. She’s a Sky Blue Bear, grrrrrrowlll.

My novel is now 192 pages long, and I’m almost halfway. I think I’ll be writing through November.

If anybody wants to help me out in the garden, I could use a helper Monday mornings from 8:30 to about 11.


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