Fruit Tasting

On Saturday, June 6th, I’m attending a fruit tasting hosted by Dave Wilson Nursery in San Luis Obispo to obtain my “Master Fruit Taster Certificate”! I have wanted to be on their tasting panel for many years, but this is the first year I’ve had all my ducks in a row to participate.Dave Wilson Nursery is the premiere hybridizer and grafter of trees in California. They breed Zaiger Genetics trees, and they provide nursery stock to all the best nurseries on the West Coast. If you see a Dave Wilson tag on a tree, you know that tree got its start there, usually being grafted onto a rootstock that works well for our area or helps dwarf the tree, or produces a lot more fruit than a tree on its own roots.On another note, my Spanish teacher says that learning a new language or a new musical instrument reduces your chances for Altzheimer’s because it exercises the part of the brain most affected by Altheimer’s.

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